Walk to the park

I think our maple lined street is one of the most beautiful places in town when the leaves are at their peak in the fall.

Walking to the Park

Walking to the Park

2 thoughts on “Walk to the park

  1. Might sound a little weird but I stumbled upon your blog looking for information on Jump City. When I realized you were from Ann Arbor (I recently moved to Ann Arbor) I couldn’t help but see what you guys are up to around the area (new ideas for my family to visit.) Anyways; as a photographer I couldn’t help but fall in love with this photo and was wondering if you could spill the beans on what street it is? Or if you know of any other streets lined with maples.

  2. Kara-
    Most of the West side of A2 looks this way in the fall. Look for the maples, I think they give the best color.

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