Ohiopyle Visitors Center and Meadow Run

Yesterday we stopped by the new Visitors Center at Ohiopyle State Park.  The boys and I had been earlier in the summer but this was the first time for Ryan.  The park did a really did a great job with the building and surrounding area.  Yesterday was quite a hot day, and it was nice to detour inside for a few minutes to get some water, cool off, and check out the exhibits and gorgeous view of the falls.  After the Visitor’s Center, we walked over to Meadow Run and hiked up the stream.  The water was fairly low, so this time boys opted to skip on sliding down the natural waterslides.  Instead we opted to keep hiking, alternating between boulder scrambling along the edges of the stream and hiking on the path through the woods.  It was a gorgeous walk and we had a such a great time that we didn’t get home until evening.  Despite the late hour, Ryan started up the grill to make a batch of his famous Double Smoked Chili.  We finally ate around 9:30, and it was worth the wait!



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