Swallow Falls, Maryland

Last Sunday we had a family outing to Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland.  All the kids had a great time hiking around the woods on a trail that took us first to the Muddy Creek waterfall, then along Muddy Creek to where it meets theYoughiogheny River,  and finally up the Yough to Swallow Falls.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the hole at the base of the waterfall, and even ducking under the water to explore the room behind the falls.  After our hike, we drove north,  following the Youghiogheny to Friendsville, Maryland to eat dinner at the fabulous Riverside Hotel.  The ingredients for their delicious salads are grown right in the backyard of the hotel, and we all ate massive amounts of it, along with their delicious bread, soup and desserts.  Ryan had a fresh out of the oven molasses cookie that was absolutely amazing!

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