Haloween at Shama

Before we moved, the kids had noticed the candy and decorations and whatnot going up in Ann Arbor, and asked if there would be Halloween in China, and we told them probably not. Boy, were we wrong! There are Halloween displays everywhere, pop up shops, and about 10 zillion parties to choose from. Because we were totally unprepared, there was a bit of a panic about not having costumes, but then I remembered…we live in Shanghai! Land of the many many many tailors! And so that problem was easily solved…we bought a couple of masks, and then headed over to the tailor section of the nearby fake market to order up some capes. (Eli ordered a custom shirt, too. More on that later)

Today our apartment building is hosting Trick or Treating, and then a party. I had to do some searching, but I eventually was able to locate what I’d consider to be Halloween candy, bite sized pieces of familiar US brands. Turns out I needn’t have worried, there were an amazing array of things being given out. I’d also considered just buying a bunch of full size candy bars, since they were easier to find. Thank goodness I abandoned that plan, as there were 130+ kids! and the imported candy bars are outrageously expensive.

If you’re looking for photos of Eli, you’ll have to wait. He ditched us today in favor of a skateboarding camp over in Puxi. The folks that run his skateboarding after school activity also do weekend clinics, so he’s signed up for that the next 5 weekends. Hopefully he’ll finish up in time to join the party before it winds down.






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