Tea time

We had a more relaxed day today because we finished everything we needed to do this week. We spent the morning touring the city. We drove around the Century Park area and found a few places nearby to do basic shopping. One highlight was the plant/flower market. The place was jammed with all sorts of beautiful vases, fountains, plants, orchids, flowers, and bonsai. I’m sure Parke will enjoy filling up our place. We also went to the Expo area, which was super cool. There is one particularly striking building which looks like an inverted red pyramid.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Bund for afternoon tea at the Waldorf Astoria. It was both lovely and delicious. There was even a guy playing the harp. After stuffing ourselves with mini sandwiches and various little desserts we had a cocktail at the Long Bar, which is also at the Waldorf. As you could guess, the bar was very, very long. The activities at the Waldorf were a great way to celebrate a successful week getting things going in Shanghai.

From there we took the ferry across the river, back to Pudong, and went to the Superbrand Mall to pick up some gifts for our family and friends. The Superbrand Mall is an enormous place, something like 10 floors, and it contains every name brand store on the planet. Seriously.

So that’s it. Tomorrow we pack up and head back to the US. Though we will probably head to the fake market in the AM to get a piece of luggage. I doubt we will be able to fit all of the purchases into the bags we brought over.