Air and Space Part 2

We went to the other Air and Space museum, out by Dullus Airport. This one is a huge hangar. The centerpiece is the first shuttle, the Enterprise. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This one has never made it into space, but it has flown as a glider and it has landed. I was speechless when I stood next to it. It was suprisingly big and beautiful.

Tech Night at the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum

We went to a fun event at The Hands on Museum tonight. The local tech community put on a Tech Night. It featured many of the local tech companies and was a great way to learn more about some of the interesting things these companies are doing. But it was really a fundraiser for the museum.

Parke and I took Eli while Oliver stayed home with his Nana. It reminded us how much simpler things are with one kid vs. two. The highlight of the night was a scavenger hunt. Eli was actually quivering when he found the last treasure. It was great to see the museum without all the crowds. Hopefully they’ll do something similar again next year.

Blogging Winter Break….Day 3 starts out bad, gets better, ends rather well

We didn’t get out to do anything exciting until this afternoon.  We got off to a late start due to….1. a lie-in.  Both the boys and I slept until 9- Excellent! and 2-a colossal preschooler meltdown, the likes of which I have never seen in my life- Not so excellent.  In fact, very very ugly.

But we did manage to pull ourselves together and get out the door and down to the bus stop after lunch.  And then managed to pack in quite a lot of fun stuff, so all’s well that ends well, I suppose.  Anyway, here’s the details:  Headed down to the bus stop, caught the bus downtown.  Usually I prefer to walk, but it is still super cold, so no go on the walk today.  Headed to Kerrytown, visited the toy store (birthday party to attend tomorrow), market (needed to buy the eggs and sour cream I failed to get from the milkman yesterday), spice store (’cause it’s spicy and fun), kid’s clothing store (Oliver, the spit-up fountain, needed a bib) and coffee shop (Mama needed a break).  After I refueled with a latte, we headed towards the Hands on Museum, stopping for Eli’s turn to refuel- at the cupcake store.  Got to the HOM, threw Oliver in the carrier since I needed to use his bassinet to carry all our stuff, and proceeded to hit all four levels of the museum- whew!  Found an exhibit we’d never been to before, even though we are there a couple of times per month usually.  Packed up and headed home for dinner.  Oliver kindly allowed me to cook without too much fuss about being picked up- I really need to figure out to use that carrier to put him on my back, as dinner making time for me is generally hold me time for Oliver, and babies and the open flames of the stovetop are so not a good combo.  Dinner ready, dad got home, bearing margarita mix, and I was so pleased to discover that my ice cream maker also turns out a frosty frozen margarita.  Headed off to the bath with my adult beverage while he handled bedtime for both boys. What a guy.

Ready to go outAsleep on the wayOn the Bus

Spices. Spicy!Coffee break.Eli wants so badly for these display cakes to be real

mmmm. cupcake.hands on museum- here we comeLeaving our mark at the AAHOM

No room for baby….Oliver hides in the ponchoHome for dinner

Chocolate and bannana pastry for desert. Yum.Apparently, my ice cream maker also makes frozen margaritas.  Thank god.