Ice Cream Social

I had a nice post written up about the Ice Cream Social at Eli’s school (Ann Arbor Open/Mack) but it got lost in my phone somehow.

Here is the short version. Eli went on a few rides, we had various snacks, saw lots of friends, and Eli won a round on the cake walk. He selected the cupcakes, to the delight of his mom. I think she might have suggested them as a delicious option. Notice Parke participating in the cake walk. Once she saw the cupcakes, she had to take a chance.

One less tooth

Eli lost his first tooth! He lost it at school and he was given a little plastic treasure chest to keep it in. He was so fired up he called me at work to tell me about it. What a cutie.

He wanted to keep the tooth instead of having the tooth fairy take it. So we left a note and the fairy left the tooth. He was VERY worried that she wouldn’t see his note and might take the tooth. But it worked out.

Diorama of a Beach

There was a builder’s fair at Eli’s school this week. Everyone was invited to construct something and bring it down to the school.

Eli chose to create a diorama of a beach. He collected some limestone from Confluence, some sand from the sandbox, and a few pieces of a jade plant. The he expertly arranged everything in a shoebox. It was lovely.

The event itself was madness. There were about fifty kids running around like crazy and using paper airplanes as lightsabers.

Camp Crawford

Bid day for Eli. Today he went on his first field trip. Three classes of kindergardeners for a whole day at Camp Crawford, a local girl scouts camp. We finished the day with a potluck dinner with all of the families. Parke even helped herd some kids around for a few hours in the middle of the day. Eli was completely spent by the end of the day.