Cascades are open again

The cascades have been closed quite a bit this summer due to the dry conditions. Today they are open, but there aren’t too many people out enjoying them. The photo below is the final drop.

We are here hanging out while my city bike gets repaired at Sic Transit Bicycles. The rear wheel disintegrated this morning. The wheel was probably 24 years old and it just gave up. Several spokes broke and the axle was a mess. I was thinking of replacing it anyways because it wasn’t rolling very well. The bike shop specializes in fixing up classic bikes. I would like them to do a fixie for me someday.




Addicted to Biking

Since the snow melted, we brought out Oliver’s Christmas present. His balance bike is a huge hit. He tries to get out there and bike at every opportunity. At first he was just walking with the bike between his legs. But once his seat was raised a bit, he has started coasting. He will soon be keeping up with his brother.

Happy Memorial Day

This evening, I was trying to think about what was going on in our life past memorial days. Then it occurred to me I probably blogged about it.

In 2009, we were in Confluence and did the usual assortment of adventures.

Back in 2008, it was more of the same. Even though Parke had a stomach bug she still had an action packed weekend.

In 2007, I doubt we even realized it was Memorial Day.

This year, we are in Confluence again. (With some friends this time)  We are eating loads of greens from the garden. Planting tomatos, peppers, and so on.  There is a zip line that is providing hours of enteratinment for the kids. We’ve been biking on the passage. We kayaked/rafted the Middle Yough.  At age 2, Oliver took is first rafting trip and is the youngest family member to complete the Middle.  When you ask him how it went, he says it was “So Scary!”  Tomorrow is more planting and maybe a few other activities. I love weekends in Confluence.