4th of July

Festive Table with homemade firework table cloth and Red/White/Blue Paper DecorationsKeeping with American tradition we celebrated the Fourth of July by grilling up some burgers and setting off some fireworks in a marginally safe but entertaining fashion. We spent the week down in PA, mostly in Confluence, except for a trip to Pittsburgh for an adventure at Kennywood. Poor Eli was sick most of the week, but he was quite a trooper and still managed to have a great vacation. I’ll post some more photos from the week later.

Yummy Cheeseburgers, Beer, and Grilled Corn Cake that was decorated by the kids We thought this would be a good idea, not thinking about the flames and ash

Yes, that is ash and burnt fireworks on the cake. It made for a crunchy cake.

After dinner Paul treated us to a fireworks show. He had stopped at a road side stand on the way down the Confluence to pick up some fireworks. As far as we can tell, he just had to sign a piece of paper saying he promised not to break the law and then he could buy as many as he wanted. He picked up a few that would fit right into a professional show. The bang from the explosions echoed around the valleys for some time after they went off. It was entertaining.

Why bother with a match when you can use a blow torch to light the fireworks Yes that one fell over and it is shooting flaming balls at the garage The crowd is impressed (except for Finn) Family Portrait - WiegmanMcGeeBartletts