Tea time

We had a fabulous tea with our friend Leila at Tea Haus today. The boys absolutely loved it. They weren’t sure at first, not being big tea drinkers, but they were able to order fruit tea, chilled, and carbonated! Just like soda, but so much healthier. And the food was amazing! We went for the full tea service and left so stuffed. I wish I had gotten more pictures, the food was beautiful in addition to being incredibly tasty. Alas, I was too enthralled with eating to remember to take many pictures, and the ones I did take were pretty bad because I was anxious to get back to the food. Well, there’s always next time! The boys have asked to go back ASAP, which is fine with me.



Ring Neck Snake and the Big Savage Tunnel

We took a trip out to the Big Savage Tunnel and did some biking along the Great Allegheny Passage. Our friend Markus is down for the weekend and we’re showing him some of the highlights from around the area. Along the bike trail we came across a Ring Neck Snake. I have never seen one of these before and it was beautiful.

Parke is also very excited to have found  an Amish farm selling raw milk and raw cheese out in Berlin. mmmm.

The garden is starting to produce mass amounts of food. Especially beautiful is the cabbage. We got a few pickling crocks and will be getting some sauerkraut brewing.  Looking forward to tasting that.

Markus by the Big Savage Tunnel

Markus by the Big Savage Tunnel

Ring Neck Snake

Ring Neck Snake

Maple Fest

Welcome Maple FansWe had a warm spell two weeks ago and the sap started flowing, so we headed out to Snow’s Sugarbush to enjoy some maple goodness. We went with our friend Carol and her kids. Oliver slept through most of it, but Eli saw all of the steps of the process from the buckets in the trees to the boilers and to the kitchen where they turned the sap into various yummy treats. The most interesting part for me was to taste some raw sap. It was surprisingly watery with just a hind of forest to it. It is hard to imagine that it eventually is turned into sweet maple syrup.

Eli and Chase each enjoyed a pony ride and we all took a ride in a cart that was pulled by a pair of donkeys. But the most fun that Eli and Chase had was running around a big concrete circle in the parking lot like maniacs. That was way more fun than all the maple happenings.

When we finish up the supply that we bought, I’m sure we can pick up some more at the local farmer’s market. The Snow’s Sugarbush folks are usually there.

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