Cash for Clunkers

I’m sure there are lots of questions about the Cash for Clunkers program and since I work for Ford, I thought I should pass some info on.  (Obviously this has a Ford slant since I work there)

The government’s Cash for Clunkers program kicked into high gear on Monday July 27 after the offical program rules were announced on Friday, July 24.  Check out Ford’s Let Ford Recycle Your Ride on the website.  Also, there is a brochure available to read.

There is a 250,000 voucher limit, so the program won’t last long.

There is a phone number (Ford #) if the websites don’t answer your question: 1-800-392-FORD(3673).

Fiesta Movement

Ford is going with a different angle for the upcoming launch of the Fiesta. They are giving people free use of the cars as long as they do interesting things with them and then blog, tweet, and otherwise spread the word about their missions. There is also a nice green Fiesta that is being passed around for employees to drive around and share their experiences with.

Andy, a friend and coworker, was lucky enough to get the car this week and I had a chance to take it for a spin this afternoon. I think the small size, slick styling, and high tech features will make this vehicle a hit. I’m ready to get one!

SAE Congress 2009

This week is the 2009 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress. It has two parts. First is the Expo and second is the Conference. The Expo is a trade fair where lots of companies have booths and they show off their latest technology. The conference is a typical technical conference where people publish papers and present their results.

The turnout seems pretty slim this year and there have been a few no shows for the technical sessions I have attended. In general, Detroit seems rather empty.

The craziest thing I saw at the Expo was a pair of devices that Honda had created. Both of them were some sort of walking assistance devices. One had a bicycle-type seat and two legs with shoes at the bottom. Somehow the device reduced your weight and helped you walk. It reminded me a bit of WALL-E. The second device didn’t touch the ground but strapped around your middle and upper legs. Honda had some data that shows users were able to walk faster when using it. I imagine that you also would use less energy.