Diorama of a Beach

There was a builder’s fair at Eli’s school this week. Everyone was invited to construct something and bring it down to the school.

Eli chose to create a diorama of a beach. He collected some limestone from Confluence, some sand from the sandbox, and a few pieces of a jade plant. The he expertly arranged everything in a shoebox. It was lovely.

The event itself was madness. There were about fifty kids running around like crazy and using paper airplanes as lightsabers.

Building the costume

done.jpgAs expected, Eli wanted to be Lightning McQueen, the race car from the movie Cars for Halloween. He hasn’t actually seen the movie in 6 months or so, but he really connects with that character. Every day in the week before Halloween he kept asking, Is today Halloween? When can we make my costume?

Eli and I had loads of fun putting it together. We started off with two cardboard boxes. With some nuts, bolts, washers, paper, glue, and paint, we built an Eli sized Lightning McQueen. Lighting has parked in his room every night since he was created.

Building SuppliesHalfway ThereLooking like a car nowEli painting LightningTest DriveFull Speed test drive

Eli running from a rainstorm

Eli Running from a rainstormEvery few months Eli starts acting very strangely. He has trouble sitting still. He can’t concentrate. In general he seems stressed out and doesn’t act like himself. We have figured out that when he starts behaving like this he is about ready to take a developmental leap. This latest leap was centered around art. He has moved from using pencil like a dagger, slashing back and forth and trying to kill the paper to holding the writing implement gently and making some real drawings. This one he made today at preschool. I think it is perfect.

Mrs. Creek

MrsCreekDrawingEli attends Allen Creek preschool. Recently, they have started a project where Mr. Allen (a stuffed elephant) and Mrs. Creek (a stuffed bear) each go home with a child for a weekend. The kids share their weekend adventures with Mr. Allen and Mrs. Creek and then document what happened. Later they talk with the class about their what they did.

Eli had Mrs. Creek this weekend. He took her everywhere. I mean everywhere. We wouldn’t let him take her into the bath, but he did ask each night. He will be bringing her back to the classroom tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that parting with Mrs. Creek will be a traumatic experience. I don’t envy Parke for that drop off. He was already getting choked up about the possibility of returning her only an hour after he brought her home. That was 4 days ago.

As part of this process, we put together a few pages documenting his weekend which will be added to the Mrs. Creek binder. I’m looking forward to seeing what the pages that the other families add to the binders.