Singapore Zoo

For the October Holiday week this year, we decided to go to Bali. We went via Singapore and added a short stay there (just 2 nights). Singapore was a great place, with an interesting mix of culture. It is a tiny country with significant

Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, and British influences.  We spent most of one day at the zoo, which was by far the best zoo we have ever been to.






Ring Neck Snake and the Big Savage Tunnel

We took a trip out to the Big Savage Tunnel and did some biking along the Great Allegheny Passage. Our friend Markus is down for the weekend and we’re showing him some of the highlights from around the area. Along the bike trail we came across a Ring Neck Snake. I have never seen one of these before and it was beautiful.

Parke is also very excited to have found  an Amish farm selling raw milk and raw cheese out in Berlin. mmmm.

The garden is starting to produce mass amounts of food. Especially beautiful is the cabbage. We got a few pickling crocks and will be getting some sauerkraut brewing.  Looking forward to tasting that.

Markus by the Big Savage Tunnel

Markus by the Big Savage Tunnel

Ring Neck Snake

Ring Neck Snake

22 miles on a tag-along

Parke and Eli on a tag-a-longWe rented a tag-along last weekend and took a ride on the Great Allegheny Passage from Confluence to the Pinkerton low bridge and back. The Pinkerton horn has been recently resurfaced and it is smooth. The bypass around the Pinkerton tunnel is remote and if the tunnel ever gets re-done, I hope the trail planners keep the bypass in place as it is quite beautiful.

We saw lots of kayakers on the Casselman, saw a rat snake, and found some newts. We also rescued a biker that had 4 broken spokes (yikes). We put her bike on top of our bike trailer and towed it back to Confluence. She and one of her group walked a few miles to the nearest road and Paul went back and picked them up once we made it back to Confluence. They were thinking of walking all the way back to Ohiopyle (around 20 miles from where they broke down). That would have been a long day for them. But it worked out and we got some good karma.

Kayakers on the Casselman near the Pinkerton Low Bridge A newtEli on the Pinkerton High BridgeIt was a black rat snake, this big