In case you’re wondering how my day is going……

…………..Here’s an email I just wrote to my mom’s group a few minutes ago:

From: Parke Wiegman []
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 2:49 PM
Subject: Anyone have a snake???

Soooooo. Eli got a pet mouse for Easter. Actually, he got the equipment for a mouse from the Easter bunny, and then went last night to pick out his pet mouse. He wanted a boy mouse, and named him “Squeaky”. We got him home, put him in the cage, and discovered two problems: 1) the cage the Easter bunny brought was more of a cage for a rat, and had bars that were wide enough for Squeaky to escape from. Within his first, oh I don’t know, 5 seconds in the cage. So we put him right back into the cardboard box that he came home in. And the second problem? He smelled. SO BAD. The cage is set up in the boys room, and Ryan could smell the mouse as soon as he walked in our front door, he said the house smelled like a pet store. Awesome. Did a little googling, found out that boy mice are notoriously smelly. Way to do your research, Parke and Ryan… We talked to Eli about the smell, and suggested that maybe we could take Squeaky back to the store and get a girl mouse. No Go. He was already attached to this boy mouse. So (I am hanging my head in shame here), I went back to the pet store to get a new, made for a mouse, escape-proof cage. And brought Squeaky along to “help pick out his new home”. Yes, I admit, I took him back and exchanged him for a similar looking, slightly fatter, but much less smelly female mouse. When I got back home with the new cage and the new Squeaky, Eli asked if I had replaced his mouse, and I totally danced around the question and then changed the subject. I know, I am terrible. At least I didn’t lie to him and tell him it was the same one. Anyway, Squeaky seemed more interested in building a nest than playing last night, and most of today. He/She finally came out to explore the cage for a bit, and I noticed she was looking slimmer….then I noticed the nest was still moving, even though she was no longer in it. Yup, you guessed it…..Squeaky had himself some babies some time between last night and this afternoon. Sigh. I was totally busted, although Eli didn’t directly accuse me of switching his mouse, he is now totally aware that Squeaky isn’t a boy. And we also have the additional problem of what to do with the babies. I don’t have the heart to kill them, but we cannot keep them for long. Some might be boys and they will start smelling and making more baby mice. I wonder how long it takes for a baby mouse to reach sexual maturity? Probably about 3 hours….. So if anyone has a snake, and needs some baby mice to feed it, please feel free to have ours!!

New escape proof home, now with bonus mice!!!!

Happy Birthday Oliver

Sleeping in Mama’s handHi everyone,
Yesterday (Dec 22nd) around 11:00 AM, we finally got to meet Oliver!

He weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and was measured at 19″. He was a breech baby so his feet keep bending up towards his face. Once he finishes unfolding, he will probably grow another inch or so.

Everyone is doing great and we’ll all be home on Christmas Eve.

Eli and OliverSnuggling with Mama

Heart attack on a stick

Deep Fried TwinkieConfluence puts on a true small town festival every year in October. Pumpkin fest features many activities including a first class parade, tractor square dancing, a pie eating contest, bingo, a 5k run/walk, various jam/pie/… contests, a duck race on the Casselman River, and of course the ever popular dime toss. In this event, there is a spinning wheel with a bunch of garage sale glasses, cups, mugs, etc. You toss your dime and if it lands in a cup, you get to keep it. Randy(brother in law) was lucky enough to score a shot glass. I’m sure he is enjoying it.

Along with the various events and activities there is festival food. The most amazing booth was serving up deep fried twinkies, deep fried oreos, and deep fried snickers. Heart attack on a stick.

I wish everyone could experience this event. The entire community comes out and the town has a certain American small town feel that is indescribable, but if you have ever experienced it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Tractor Paradeimg_1573.jpgTractorguyBible Boot Camp TruckDuck RaceEli on the casselman at the duck race


Ultrasound results

feet_baby.jpg In case you haven’t heard, Parke is pregnant and the new baby is due around Christmas time. So far everything has been going great for both of them. With Eli, we decided to be suprised and we waited until the birth to find out if Eli was a boy or girl. That was fun, but this time we decided to find out. So its a Boy! Very exciting.

Eli has been cute talking to the baby and he likes the idea of having a little brother. Now we have to start thinking about names. This evening while we were tossing around a few ideas, Eli offered up his suggestion: boner. Yep, he came up with that suggestion all on his own. Parke laughed so hard, she nearly peed on the couch.