Spring is (finally) springing

Today was a weird and wonderful spring day…we took the boys and dogs up to Sugarloaf for some sledding(!) and then came home and worked in the garden. It’s not often you get both of those activities in on a single day. Sledding was a blast…nice to have been able to go without layers and layers of clothing on. Oliver wondered if we would still have hot chocolate afterwards, but then thought maybe that lemonade might be more appropriate. In the garden, Eli got the onions planted, and the lettuce that Blue has been planting weekly in the greenhouse is looking and tasting great.



Grapes, grapes, grapes

To say the grapes were successful this year would be an epic understatement. Last year, we had 2 clusters with maybe 2 or 3 grapes on each. This year, there are clusters apon clusters….huge things absolutely loaded with grapes. I’d be completely overwhelmed at this point trying to deal with the bumper crop, were it not for a fortuitous discovery…grape juice in a jar. A friend of my mom and dad told them about this trick…instead of the long process of squeezing, and skinning, and filtering….you just throw a cup of grapes in a quart jar, add sweetener (anywhere from nothing up to a cup of sugar) and fill with boiling water. Process the jars and set aside…in a couple of weeks you’ll have quarts of grape juice that need only to be strained before serving. Brilliant and so easy!


Mmmm, peas.

We have a bumper crop of peas coming in. Everyone helped to liberate them from their pods.