International Week

This week has been International Week at school. The boys have been studying other countries and cultures in their classes. It reminds me a lot of Multicultural Fair at Ann Arbor Open, just in a condensed format, as it is only this week. Regardless, they’ve managed to squeeze a lot of experiences into just a few days. Oliver is studying India, and came home yesterday saying ‘Namaste’ to everyone and with a spider decoration on his hand (I admit to not knowing the significance of this, maybe one of our friends with more knowledge of India could help us out).


Eli is studying Brazil and came home yesterday with some brijadeirios he had made. I hadn’t had these ever before, but can now report with confidence that they are DELICIOUS. Eli also assures me they are easy to make, so there may be more of these treats in our future.


International Week culminates today with the International Day Festival. The kids are all going in the dress of their country…either traditional clothes, colors of the flag, football (soccer) uniform, etc. Eli and Oliver are psyched to get to dress up as Americans, especially Eli, as his American clothes are mighty comfortable compared to the coat and tie he wears usually. There will be a parade of nations…I think there are 30 or so different countries represented at the school. Finally, parents have been preparing all week for the International Food Festival. Each country will have a table with some foods typical of their culture, and the kids will have a chance to visit each one and sample the cuisine. Unfortunately we arrived too late for me to get involved in this event this year, but I’m already looking forward to next year!