Swallow Falls, Maryland

Last Sunday we had a family outing to Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland.  All the kids had a great time hiking around the woods on a trail that took us first to the Muddy Creek waterfall, then along Muddy Creek to where it meets theYoughiogheny River,  and finally up the Yough to Swallow Falls.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the hole at the base of the waterfall, and even ducking under the water to explore the room behind the falls.  After our hike, we drove north,  following the Youghiogheny to Friendsville, Maryland to eat dinner at the fabulous Riverside Hotel.  The ingredients for their delicious salads are grown right in the backyard of the hotel, and we all ate massive amounts of it, along with their delicious bread, soup and desserts.  Ryan had a fresh out of the oven molasses cookie that was absolutely amazing!

End of Summer Fun

We had a great day today with the boys and Nana and Papa. We started by heading down into Maryland to visit Wisp.. Ryan, Eli and I all did the canopy tour, while Oliver rocked out the Chipmunk Challenge Course.. Then we all enjoyed a few trips down the mountain coaster.. I seriously considered paying the $15 they wanted per picture for the shot of Oliver and me….his hair was wild and crazy and he looked like he was screaming in sheer terror! (For the record, he had fun when I drove, and only asked me to slow down a couple of times). After that excitement, we headed towards Deep Creek and stopped at Smiley’s for some more adventures. Eli enjoyed racing the bigger go-karts on the slick track, going once by himself and then beating Ryan and then me (putting us both into the wall, illegally. Cheater!) :-) Oliver also got his turn at a solo session and also a race with his big brother. Eli was very sweet trying to let Oliver win, which is harder than it would seem…Oliver was all over the track and Eli had to come to a dead stop several times to avoid getting ahead. We also played laser tag, arcade games and some bowling before heading out for dinner (burger night at Ace’s Run) and ice cream. Good times!

go Kart Video