Breakfast with the little guy

Oliver and I are usually the first up on the weekends and we enjoy going out for breakfast while the rest of the family is still sleeping. It is a bit hard to find places open before 8 on the weekends. We wandered around a while this morning, eventually found a coffee shop that opened at 7:30. Then after a pre breakfast snack we moved on to Mr. Pancake Plus which opened at 8.  



Spread the Bagel on Nanchang Lu makes some great bagels. We walked over this morning and Parke decided to bring Marshy along. She loves going on adventures. Walking in the city doesn’t seem to stress her out at all. Lots of interesting things to smell and lots of cats. 

Afternoon tea at the Shangri-La

Ryan is headed to Australia and New Zealand next week, so we’re celebrating Mother’s Day a bit early with one of my favorite activities, the afternoon tea set. This time, because we are at the Pudong Shangri-La, the set includes a miniature version of one of their famous cronuts.







Happy May Day

It’s a sunny and beautiful day in Shanghai, everyone is home from work and school, and we’re enjoying a relaxing day. The gym we belong to has a deck area outside the pool, with a bouncy castle, playground for the kids, and a bar and grill. We’re enjoying some food and beers while the kids play. Best. Gym. Ever.