Made it to Kyoto, one of the most amazing cities  we have traveled to.  The first hotel in Okayama provided eye warmers which heated up for about 10 minutes after they were opened.


Breakfast with the little guy

Oliver and I are usually the first up on the weekends and we enjoy going out for breakfast while the rest of the family is still sleeping. It is a bit hard to find places open before 8 on the weekends. We wandered around a while this morning, eventually found a coffee shop that opened at 7:30. Then after a pre breakfast snack we moved on to Mr. Pancake Plus which opened at 8.  


Pro tip for Angkor Wat

Wake up early to catch the sunrise, but instead of setting up in front of the pool near the entrance with the rest of the people, just walk in and start exploring. You will have the place to yourselves for an hour or two while everyone else gathers out front to get the iconic photograph. Go ahead and skip that (there are tons of examples of that photo already out there) and see what you can find inside. Plus it won’t be so hot that early in the morning so you can climb around without turning into a soggy mess.